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Bits of kit

Elixir Strings
Unquestionably THE strings for me, especially since the introduction of their Phosphor Bronzes! They sound lovely when you fit them – they need no playing in, they don't squeak much when you slide your fingers up and down and, here's the best bit, they last absolutely ages: they sound pretty much the same until the lovely Goretex coating starts fraying.

G7th Performance Capo
With looks straight out of the Porsche trinket shop, this is the mother of all capos – the easiest to use, less inclined to pull the note sharp than Shubb or Kyser and unconditionally guaranteed for ever. Totally top-notch bit of design; a recent addition to the G7th Performance range - a banjo/mando capo perfect for partial guitar capoing - thank you Nick; AND even better for partial capoing, the G7th Newport range will soon increase to include two dedicated partials which make Drop D and DADGAD tunings beautifully accessible - I have prototypes and they are awesome!

Headway Pickups
Designed and built here in the North Oxfordshire Folk-Rock Belt, John has come up with the sweetest undersaddle piezo acoustic guitar pickup system I've heard – the HE4.It has a fixed EQ pre-amp attached to the end-pin jack socket;super, low-impact electrification

Martin Guitars
Having done the factory tour when LJE was in Pennsylvania I could not resist the offer of a rummage through the 000 12th-fret slot-heads, picking out an absolute corker that I used on the Fairport tour and fell deeply in love with as a result. It has a wider fingerboard than yer dreadnought and I'm now spoiled. Many, many thanks to Chris Thomas, Dick Boak and Bob Fehr.

Walden Guitars
Beautifully made in China, unbelievably affordable - posh sound, very responsive, all-solid woods, 45mm fingerboard

Blue Moon Studio
Friendly, efficient and affordable – the ever-upgrading uberstudio (Pro-Tools, new desk, loads of toys, and now an old Hammond M100!) is the jewel of the folk-rock belt. This is where I recorded rhythm tracks for Hedge of Sound and all of Galileo's Apology. And Dylan Project 2. And a lot of LJE stuff. Thanks, Mark, you are '... a true humanitarian and a great philanthropist.'

For more specific tackle info go to:
The Sparrow Club for a few of my favourite things - pictures, even! Guitar porn. Hurrah!

Net Rhythms
An excellent online magazine with giglists, reviews and lots more

R2/Rock n Reel
This recently-relaunched excellent magazine covers folk, blues and beyond

Isis magazine
The UK's definitive Bob Dylan fanzine.

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